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The idea was given prominence in a 2011 research paper. It described a study that compared tattoo tattoo removal versus non-tattoo removal reddit} (knowledge.giize.com)-based cancer-causing radiation in humans. Researchers looked at 1.9 million participants from the US.

When compared to the general population, cancer-causing radiation has not changed over time. But when it does, there is something you can think about: tattoo removal is less likely to cause cancer, if any.

So where do we go from here?

While studies that use the scientific method have identified no association between tattoo removal versus non-tattoo-based cancer, studies using the physical evidence have suggested a number of protective influences. There are also a number of ways to assess the relationship between tattoo removal and cancer.

While there are many theories at work, one thing that is clear is that a large number of people do indeed have common immune responses to tattoo radiation, and they may be less likely to develop cancer if they receive the radiation.

Research on the subject is still very much in the early stages, but research in this area is a promising one. Some of the strongest evidence for the protective effect of tattoo radiation has found that there is a relationship between radiation and cancer (Cindy McInnes on the Cancer Genetics Foundation of the US), and the studies have shown that the cancer risk of men from the tattooed cohort is more than twice as high as that of women.

There are still a number of questions to be answered, but now that it has been covered there is an opportunity for more scientific research.

What is it that has made you think about tattoo radiation?

The way that tattoos have been used in medicine for centuries, and the way that they are used now, that does give people a sense of what health risks are related to tattoos – there's nothing that says their safety is so negligible that they need to be removed.

The medical community and others are also becoming much more aware that people who get tattoos can have these very different experiences. Tattoo doctors are aware that many of the questions that they have to answer – do someone have a genetic predisposition to having skin cancer – are very important ones.

But what it does make sense, and what it does not mean for any single person, to do is to talk with a tattoo patient who is in the clinic and ask them, 'Can you remove tattoos? Should it hurt your thyroid to get rid of them?' And then

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